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Media Training In Perspective

Media training enables effective communication with the media, to assist your company with positioning its brand, increasing credibility and gaining publicity, thus creating brand presence as well as enriching and protecting your company's reputation. The ultimate goals are to build brand equity and avoid the risk of reputational damage.

Being equipped with the right skills and tools to attract the media spotlight and capitalise on media interest for maximum exposure, is imperative for business today. Knowledge of media requirements and interaction techniques instills confidence and stimulates an appetite for interaction which can be greatly beneficial to the business. Media Training will provide company spokespeople (and support staff) with the knowledge and confidence required to recognise and optimise opportunities for media interaction. A well trained and confident spokesperson is regarded by the media as a credible source of information, is an asset to any business and adds value to the brand.

How will the Vuma Media Training Master Class will add value to your business?

-The Vuma Media Training guaratees a professsional, interesting, informative and thoroughly enjoyable experience, which will leave your company spokespeople and support staff confident, motivated and excited about the next media interaction opportunity.

-We are equipped with in-house facilities for live scenario enabling delegates to experience the exhiliration of live interviews.

-On-site training can be arranged for your convenience and sessions can be customised to suit your specific requirements.

-Our media master classes are highly recommended by the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) for company spokespersons and support staff of listed companies as well as companies in the process of being listed.

-During the media master class, delegates will be equipped with insights about the media and media interaction from a business perspective as well as benefit from expert knowledge and experience from seasoned media professionals.

-Focus areas include reputation management, crisis management, risk management, social media training, union protocol training,and thought leadership, as well as in-depth understanding of the media and the art of interviewing.

-Media Training disciplines include TV, radio, print, online and social media.

-Our media master class training partners include a team of world-class trainers that share their knowledge and experience with delegates, including Derek Watts (Carte Blanche), John Perlman (Kaya FM), Sumitra Nydoo (Chinese TV), Joanne Joseph (eNCA), David O'Sullivan (702), Hamilton Wende (CNN), Cobus Bester (RSG).

-Course content is dynamic and our approach is to integrate specific industry insights and business objectives into key messages and then equipping delegates with the tools and skills to communicate witht the media.

-We also ensure that delegates obtain the skills and confidence to effectively interact with the media during crisis situations to avoid brand and reputational damage.

-Delegates will each receive a take-home pack with recordings of their recorded sessions and valuable written feedback, as well as quick reference guides to prepare for future media interaction.

What We Offer

Media Master Class: Set Simulation and Recording:

Exhilirating simulated live set and interview experience

Individual Class: 2 hours

Group Class:

Minimum of 2 people for 2 hours

Minimum of 3 people for 3 hours

Minimum of 4-6 people for 4 hours 

Media Master Class: Principles and Application:

Interactive information sharing and coaching sessions

Group Class:

Minimum of 10 people

Who Should Attend

Identified spokespersons and support staff interacting with media.

Course Content

-Media Interaction from a holistic business perspective

-How the media work and what they require

-How to create media interest and secure interviews

-The process and benefits of interview preparation

-The do's and don'ts during an interview

-Development of key messages and quotable quotes (sound-bites)

-How to speak concisely and effectively

-How to handle a hostile interview

-Brand and reputation management during crisis situations 


Value Add

-A DVD of the recorded interview sessions for each delegate

-Feedback notes for each session

-Course notes in PowerPoint presentation format

-A quick reference card with "media tips"

-Pro-active follow-ups for refresher classes

-A continuous feedback to clients about delegates in terms of application of media training, and suitability for media interaction in specific mediums





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