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  • The tracking and measurement of any marketing programme has always been difficult, time-consuming and limited at best. Metrics can be even more elusive for marketing communication, and, in many cases, measurement methods are even inadequate or misleading.  Its no wonder that so few companies measure their external communication programmes.
  • Companies are moving away from the notion that marketing budgets should be a set percentage of revenue or based on the previous year's budget. Economic constraints of recent years and the trend toward corporate-wide accountability are forcing Communication Executives to define new ways to justify their contributions to the bottom line.
  • The challenge for marketing professionals is to define measurable objectives and incorporate relevant measurement metrics into ongoing communication programmes and public relations campaigns.
  • Measurement is especially difficult for marketing communication because a great deal of the work results are based on creativity and the development of relationships.
  • Understanding these challenges Vuma has developed a Communications balanced scorecard.
  • Vuma guarantee an ROI of 3:1


Balance Scorecard
The scorecard provides a framework, a language, to communicate the mission and strategy; it uses measurement to inform employees about the drivers of current and future success.

The balanced scorecard also provides executives with a comprehensive framework that translates the company’s vision and strategy into a coherent set of performance measures. The balanced scorecard translates the mission and strategy into objectives and measures, organised into four different perspectives: financial, customer, process and resource.
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Strategic Theme: To optimise budget utilisation
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Strategic Theme: Consistently exceed customer expectations
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Strategic Theme: To ensure the marketing and communications business process supports and enables the delivery of the customer strategy
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Strategic Theme: To optimise human capital development and utilisation in order to deliver and exceed customer expectations
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