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August Newsletter

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July Newsletter

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Jason Rosenbrock has joined Vuma Reputation Management as Chief of Staff to the CEO.

Welcome Jason!

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African Fashion International (AFI) – realigning fashion week to boost African fashion Balwood

African Fashion International (AFI) is pleased to announce the realignment of its Fashion Week properties, sponsored by Mercedes-Benz. As part of the realignment, AFI will reintroduce Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Joburg (MBFWJ) for the Spring/ Summer season, in August 2016, at Nelson Mandela Square, Sandton City. Read more.

As the official reputation management firm for AFI, Vuma’s role was to secure the necessary interviews and coverage for AFI and the August Fashion Week in Johannesburg and issued the official press release.


New divisions created at Barloworld Equipment as it rewards talent Balwood

A key strength of Barloworld Equipment is its executive team’s depth of talent, says Dominic Sewela, CEO Southern Africa. “Our 10-year Barloworld Equipment veteran Gerhard Vorster recently expanded his role to CEO: Rest of Africa, following Gavin Knight’s appointment as the next General Director of Vostochnaya Technica, Barloworld Equipment’s operation in Russia,” says Sewela. “We have subsequently reviewed other portfolios and created two new divisions to fit our company’s needs.” Read more.

As the official reputation management firm, Vuma’s role was to engage with media to generate coverage regarding the new divisions at Barloworld Equipment and to manage the official press release on behalf of Barloworld Equipment.

Bosch power box designed to stimulate small business in Ghana and improve livelihood

Members of the royal household, His Royal Highness Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, captains of industry as well as commercial banks and development agencies, representatives of the ministries of employment and trade & industry and small-scale tradesmen and craftsmen will be present to witness the launch of a ground-breaking business in the country. The Bosch Power Box concept is developed by Bosch Power Tools, a division of the German-based Bosch Group, a leading supplier of technology and services and seeks to bolster socio-economic growth and prosperity. Read more.

As the official reputation management company for Bosch, Vuma’s role was to secure interviews, invite media to the event and engage with media on the ground in Ghana during the event, as well as issuing the official press release on behalf of Bosch.   

   Speaking Engagements
  Janine Hills joined the Mail & Guardian Critical Thinking Forum at UNISA on Wednesday, 29 June 2016 where the topic focused on “Has South Africa generally lost its moral compass and can the country be saved from falling down the ethics precipice, or is the concept of ethics and illusion?”
INBREC (International Brand & Reputation Community) is a dedicated forum for senior brand and reputation managers of successful and highly respected international corporations and organisations. To find out more please click here.

The INBREC Switzerland at Axpo in Bottstein, Switzerland will be taking place on 18 August 2016. INBREC Africa will be meeting on 13 October 2016 at Barloworld Equipment. For more info please call 087 941 3497.
Vuma Reputation Academy

Cutting through the clutter

• Managing up, across and beneath

Crisis tactics

• Walking the floor
• Knowing your shareholders
• Get to know the influencers
• Make the effort


  Tactics to be taken seriously

• 100 Day Plan
• Own it
• Learn their language
• Invest in the business
• How we represent ourselves on Social Media

Stakeholder management
• Research your primary influencers and how they influence the business.
• Know the chaos not the managers who actually make the decisions

Managing your personal reputation - Building your personal brand to benefit the company

Understand cultural diversity

• Read the Landscape
• Respect the landscape
• Work the landscape

Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP)
• Create a rapport (find commonality)
• Body language
• Don’t be too familiar
• Know the boundaries
• Build trust

Unlocking your inner confidence
• Own your space
• Don’t be intimidated by MBAs
• Ask questions
• Follow up on actions
• Be reliable
• Focus on outcomes

What is your two-second impact strategy?

• How can I make an impact
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Our online social media reflect the Vuma Reputation Management for the month, highlighting an aspect of Reputation Management. Our theme for June focused on Celebrating the Youth and the importance of respect, and managing your online and personal reputation when building your professional career.
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  What is ‪#‎Corporate culture and how does it affect your ‪#‎Reputation? Mota Mota an Account Manager Vuma Reputation Management, shares his insights, about how corporate culture and reputation go hand in hand. For more info please click here.


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11 August  2016, Johannesburg, South Africa Janine Hills is founder and CEO of Vuma Reputation Management.  Over the past 10 years, she has built one of South Africa’s leading reputation management companies.  This award-winning company, a Level 1 B-BBBE contributor, has just scooped the prestigious Employer of Choice: Small to Medium Organisation award at the 2016 Future of HR Awards. Janine Hills shares her thoughts on effective HR management and what it takes to build a successful organisation.

Everyone in business knows that success takes a lot of hard work, vision, determination, passion and sometimes, even tears. While many organisations put enormous resources and effort into building their brands and reputations – as they should - they often pay insufficient attention to the fundamental building blocks of any organisation – their employees and company culture.

Attracting the right employees and developing an organisational culture that is aligned with your vision and goals are fundamental to achieving business success.

At Vuma Reputation Management, much of our success is a result of our commitment to attracting the right talent and skills mix, and facilitating the growth and development of our employees while achieving our company’s goals.

Your employees are your number one asset. At Vuma Reputation Management, we understand the vital role our people play in keeping our company at the forefront of reputation management. We have focused on building a culture and reputation that attracts the best people and skills in the industry. This is critical to the success of any organisation and will give your company a competitive advantage.

Good Human Resources management is also about talent retention. This can be achieved by getting to know your employees, understanding their dreams and aspirations, ensuring their needs are met and providing them with real opportunities for growth, both personally and professionally. 

Company culture also plays a huge role in talent retention and employer attractiveness – why people want to work for your organisation.

High staff turnover can be very costly. Not only is it expensive to find, hire and train new staff, but employees who leave take with them intellectual capital.  And the trusting relationships they’ve built up with your clients also come to an end, which can be disruptive and negatively impact your business.

Over the past 10 years, Vuma Reputation Management has been very focused on building the right kind of culture in our organisation, defining and refining ‘the Vuma Way’: what we stand for, who we are as people, what ethics and values we hold dear, and the calibre of employee we want to attract.

By developing a strong culture and reputation – a company where integrity, trust, transparency, discipline, accountability and fairness are core values – we’ve become a sought-after company to work for.

Although we are medium-sized and growing, we have big business mentality and lead with big business thinking .That means that while we have clearly defined policies and procedures in place to ensure good corporate governance, we are also agile in our approach. This enables us to react and respond quickly to changes in the business environment and to any crises. 

As a business that deals in crisis communication and reputation management, we’re on call 24/7, which demands a certain type of commitment from our employees. We expect a lot from them, and in turn, understand that it’s imperative to also take their needs into consideration. Take a young, single mother for example. We understand that she needs flexibility and therefore would be more suited to working with our lifestyle brands, rather than being part of our crisis management team.

Organisations also need to take into consideration the changing work environment and become more attuned to the needs of younger employees, our future leaders.  Young Millennials enjoy and demand flexibility in the work space.

To cater to these needs, all our employees are equipped with mobile offices so that they can respond quickly to client demand from anywhere at any time. And to ensure a free flow of information and quick response times between team members, we have set up Whatsapp groups to be in constant communication with one another.

When it comes to the personal lives of employees, the days of separating care from business are long gone. We’re living in a very disruptive age, with devastating events happening both locally and globally, and as a company we’ve had to adapt to that.

Organisations can no longer expect employees affected by such events to leave their troubles at home and just deliver at work. We need to understand the stresses they are under in their personal lives and find ways to assist them. To this end, Vuma has introduced a wellness programme so that in times of personal crises, our employees are able to receive counselling and support. We look upon our team as a family that supports one another through the happy and difficult times.


About Vuma Reputation Management

Vuma Reputation Management are experts in reputation management within South Africa and Africa. We specialise in building organisations reputation from the inside out. Our focus areas are government protocol, public relations, media training, stakeholder relationship management, crisis communication and media relationship management. We have an extensive track record and have implemented work for at least 50 JSE listed companies and 10 African countries. We live by the approach of Africans working for Africa.

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