Monday, 17 November 2014 00:00

The Key Differentiator of being a respected business – as opposed to those that are not - is reverence

Albert Schweitzer, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, sought for years for the basis of a new worldview. One Day, while in a boat on the river in Gabon, it struck him with great clarity: ‘Reverence for life’. To me reverence means deep respect for someone or something, and it is surely not limited to one’s personal life, but also valid in business, especially in business. Reverence involves a humbling of the self in respectful recognition and acknowledging something other than the self, a subjective response to something excellent in another person to be admired and respected. ‘In ‘A place…
Wednesday, 15 October 2014 00:00

Culture capital can positively drive financial performance

As broadly defined, "Corporate culture is the way things are done around here," says Janine Hills, founder and CEO of Vuma Reputation Management. Hills believes it's an organisation's way of being, its personality, which is a reflection of its leaders' values, beliefs and behaviours. "It is who you are as a business, and what you stand for. The way it was formed by current and previous founders, directors and leaders through policies, systems, processes, structures and procedures." And then comes along some brilliant, diverse employees that have the power to influence and enhance the current culture, transforming it into something…
Monday, 15 September 2014 00:00

Creating an employee environment conducive for personal and business growth

According to James R Maxwell's 2005 'Journal of Organisational Culture, Communications and Conflict' article, any organisation must offer employee education programs, let them be involved in decision-making, and have adequate reward systems to foster an empowered corporate culture. Janine Hills, CEO and founder of Vuma Reputation Management says, "Along with this, organisations should see their employees, and the contributions they make, as important business assets." By empowering employees in giving them full expression, they become more competitive in the emerging economy with heightened productivity and a better quality of life. For organisations that do not have employee empowerment cultures, it…
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