Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) Policy

Vuma Reputation Management is a certified AAA Level 1 Contributor.
We secured our AAA Level 1 status for compliance across the board.

We are dedicated to imparting skills and knowledge in order to grow the team into management positions. Reputation management is a unique and niche environment that demands an intimate understanding of business, media and communications.

At Vuma Reputation Management we believe in adding value to South Africa and its communities. This starts ‘at home’. We are committed to true sustainable development, promoting previously disadvantaged individuals from within to director level once they have been up-skilled and mentored. As part of our drive to be B-BBEE compliant and do the right thing; we freely share and impart knowledge, train and lecture, and get involved with various projects and causes; for example:

  • We offer Eden Campus Project pro bono PR & Marketing services on a regular basis. We were recently involved in a TV advert placement for Eden Campus on CNBC Africa, which was kindly sponsored by CNBC Africa in the hope of raising public and mainly corporate awareness to the unique project and its importance to society. We have mentored and coached some students from Eden Campus on communication and business skills.
  • We have assisted a number of young people entering the work place with career advice to ensure they are 'work-ready'.
  • We have played an advisory role to various members of the IWFSA in addition to coaching up and coming business women.
  • We provide, pro bono, advisory and reputation management services to the IWFSA.
  • We recently became a member of the IoDSA, which gives us an opportunity to network and open gateways for more development and lifelong learning.
  • We have been approached by the IABC Pretoria Chapter for a Reputation Management workshop for Tshwane University of Technology on how to recover from a crisis.
  • We regularly accept ongoing invitations to engage with youth and business and speak for free at events for communities and causes such as Bagale Seminars.


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The Vuma Reputation Management team are experts in corporate reputation management and public relations. We can raise your reputation and keep it there.

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  • We have unique world class communication skills
  • We have a proven track record
  • We are superbly networked
  • We have excellent references both globally and locally
  • We have case studies with proven results
  • We understand your business needs and the market forces affecting your business
  • We assist you in tracking global trends in your sector
  • We offer a fine reputation management spectrum