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Janine Hills' passion for integrity and trust in business relationships is the foundation from which she launched Vuma Reputation Management in 2005.

"I believe trust is the foundation for improving your business relationships with all stakeholders," says Janine. "It can really give you that vital edge."

"Trust must be supported and enhanced by integrity in business practices, including transparency, discipline, accountability and fairness. Building trust is about being consistent, sincere, responsible, reliable, committed, clear and steady. Whether in bad times or good, trust is about maintaining effective communication with all stakeholders at all levels."

Janine values any opportunity to share with clients the fruits of nearly three decades of business experience, particularly her understanding of the principles of sound reputation management and good corporate governance. To help businesses fill skills gaps in reputation management and crisis control processes, she has built a culturally diverse team of experts who understand Africa and collectively have more than 85 years of experience in these areas.

"At Vuma Reputation Management, we care about effective business management and the self-reflection necessary to find the insights, inspiration and vision to help a business succeed and grow its reputation," she says. "We respond promptly to your needs, particularly in helping to improve your employee's skills in understanding and responding to their obligations to various stakeholders. This enables them to enhance your company's standing, as well as fostering steady business growth and development."

Vuma Reputation Management is South Africa's leader in the field. Vuma specialises in crisis communication, government protocol management and all aspects of stakeholder, government and media relationship management. In October 2015, Vuma was invited to partner with the International Brand & Reputation Community (INBREC) in launching its sixth global chapter, INBREC Africa.

Janine is regularly invited by various global institutions to speak on reputation management in international markets, most recently in London (UK), Melbourne (Australia), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Mumbai (India), Mbabane (Swaziland), Nairobi (Kenya), Lusaka (Zambia), Cape Town (South Africa), Johannesburg (South Africa).

"I always want to influence audiences to value the importance of building trust among all stakeholders," she says.

Janine sees Vuma Reputation Management as an African company with global potential.

"I envisage us linking our Johannesburg base with key global cities such as New York, Sydney, Paris and London," she says. "For ourselves and our clients, forging relationships locally and globally assists in extending the base of operations and sphere of influence - wherever you go in the world, the key to success is building trust."

Awards and Honours:

Janine's knowledge, skills and intricate understanding of reputation management across various sectors has brought her more than a dozen awards, nominations and honours over the past decade, particularly in the fields of entrepreneurship, women's empowerment and leadership.

  • -Member, Board of Trustees of Brand South Africa, appointed April 2016
  • -Member, Board of Directors of International Women's Forum South Africa (IWFSA), appointed in 2015
  • -Member, advisory board for International Brand and Reputation Community (INBREC), appointed November 2014
  • -Winner, Gender Mainstream Women Empowerment in the Workplace Awards (non-JSE listed organisations category), 2015
  • -Finalist, Standard Bank Top Women Awards (female entrepreneur category), 2015
  • -Finalist, Standard Bank Top Women Awards (top gender-empowered company: fast-growth women-owned SMME category) 2014 & 2015
  • -Nominee, Standard Bank Top Women Awards (Africa's most influential Women in Business and Government) 2015
  • -Written and published a white paper on Gender Diversity and the Impact on a Boards Reputation. Deakan University 2015
  • -Finalist, Topco Media Business Awards (fast-growth category), 2014
  • -Finalist, CEO Magazine Award for Africa's Most Influential Women In Business and Government, 2014
  • -Winner, Global Awards for Brand Excellence (brand leadership category), 2012
  • -Winner, BBQ New Innovative Business Award, 2012
  • -Nominee, International Who's Who of Professionals, 2009
  • -Winner, CEO Magazine Meritorious Award, and finalist, South Africa's Most Influential Women in Business and Government Awards (communications category), 2008
  • -Finalist, Topco Media Top Women Awards (entrepreneurship and excellence in Business and public service category), 2008
  • -Launched eBucks.com, the strategic e-Commerce initiative of First Rand Bank. Was extensively involved in the formulation and the implementation of the multi-brand strategy, internal communications and e-Commerce initiatives
  • -Head: Group Communications for First National Bank's (FNB) internal and external communications division
  • -Marketing Director at Primemovie 1999
  • -Board Member of Kaiser Chiefs Football Club, Ster Kinekor Theatres, Primemovie, Ster Kinekor Entertainment
  • -IMM Sales Person of 1996 and Vodac Sales Person of 1996
  • -Qualified in the Management Advance Programme (Wits Business School), 1992
  • -Start-up employee of Vodac, the Vodacom, 1991


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