History of Vuma Reputation Management

Vuma Reputation Management officially opened its doors for business on 1 of September 2005.

“The strength of an organisation lies in its people - positioning their message to stakeholders is vital. Winning with an approach is done by few,” says Janine Hills, CEO and Founder of Vuma Corporate Reputation Management.

“We take your reputation seriously. Lobbying is creating the right message to the right medium at the right time - that helps change perceptions. We are experts in changing people's perceptions - that is your personal reputation, your company's reputation, and your industry's reputation.” says Hills.

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About Us

The Vuma Reputation Management team are experts in corporate reputation management and public relations. We can raise your reputation and keep it there.

Tel: Tel: +27 (0) 87 941 3497


Why Choose Us

  • We have unique world class communication skills
  • We have a proven track record
  • We are superbly networked
  • We have excellent references both globally and locally
  • We have case studies with proven results
  • We understand your business needs and the market forces affecting your business
  • We assist you in tracking global trends in your sector
  • We offer a fine reputation management spectrum